Friday, March 26, 2010

LDS: Postmen and Border Guards

A random tidbit of what I am told (by the missionaries) is insider info on the LDS missionary lifestyle:

Mormon missonaries love postmen. They are very disconnected from their families during the two years of missionary service, and so they are always looking forward to that contact with loved ones that may come with the mail. I guess they normally get to know the postmen pretty well, since they're always waiting excitedly when the mail arrives.

They also get to know all the border guards, if they're posted near the US/Canada border like ours are. Since they often have temporary postings, and the locations of these vary a fair bit (within a cross-border region), they tend to travel to and fro over the borders a lot.

Sounds pretty exciting to me.

For something a bit more relevant: My wife and I have been invited to attend a baptism, and some of the upcoming general conference sessions (where everybody gets together at the local Mormon church to hear the current Prophet, Apostles and some others speak). I'm looking forward to this, and hoping we can at least make it to one of the sessions. It's on Easter weekend, and I'm secretly hoping that we can go to a session and follow it up with attending a passion play at a church just across the street. Because I like mixing my inputs.

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